Level Architect

Arkane Studios - Texas, Design

Arkane Studios is looking for skilled Level Architect to join our team in developing quality games for PC and console systems. Level Architects will work closely with Level Designers to create immersive levels that blend artistic quality with gameplay design.


·         Responsible for designing and building a FPS level and maintaining it until release

·         Partner with Level Designers who will provide narration, game ideas and scripting and collaborate with the Environment Artists who provide art support for textures, final models, etc.

·         Visual reference research and proposal

·         Geometry and levels prototyping (3D concepting of assets/architecture – artistic, high fidelity gray box)

·         Lighting – for both player navigation and mood

·         Set dressing and asset placement/environmental storytelling

·         Polish and bug fixing

·         Performance Evaluation and Optimization for Levels

·         Work closely with the Lead Level Architect and other Art Leads to ensure levels meet quality guidelines


·         Strong eye for interesting architectural spaces – and mindful of variation in volumes, circulation, lighting, detail distribution and scene composition

·         2+ years of game industry and or (significant) modding experience

·         At least one shipped title in the AAA space or (significant) modding experience

·         Good handling and experience of (at least one) 3D software such as Maya for modeling

·         Good handling and experience of (at least one) game editors such as Unreal 4, CRYENGINE, Unity, etc.

·         Capable of identifying and supporting gameplay needs and constraints within a game level

·         Understanding of modular construction methods as it relates to design, memory and performance

·         Excellent organization and time management skills

·         Excellent oral and written communication skills

·         Must be a self-motivated and energetic team player with a very strong work ethic and cooperative attitude

·         Passion for games and gaming

·         Experience in photography, cinema or other related domains is a plus

As part of the application process, please submit samples of level design(s).

What to Expect

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Recruiter Call

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You may go through one or two phone interviews, and possibly a follow-up Skype call.

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Site Visit

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