Senior Concept Artist

Bethesda Game Studios - Dallas @ Dallas, TX, US


Bethesda Game Studios Dallas, part of the ZeniMax Media Inc. family, is seeking a talented  Senior Concept Artist that has the ability to create a diverse visual range of realistic 2D scenes and environments for Sci-Fi and Fantasy IP’s. A solid grasp of industrial design, cinematic lighting and composition is essential. Basic knowledge of a 3d modeling program (Maya/3DS Max/Modo etc.) is a plus. Must have STRONG digital painting, drawing and sketching ability.


  • Excellent 2D digital illustration skills with a strong grasp of composition, color theory, perspective, lighting, environment and architecture.
  • Outstanding tradition/digital drawing and sketching ability with a focus on architecture and cinematic scenes.
  • Must be able to ideate quickly, communicating rough ideas clearly with a refined short hand sketching style in both black and white or full color
  • Basic understanding of a 3D modeling software package.
  • A world class imagination and an unrelenting desire to create the most visually stunning environments and scenes in the Entertainment Industry today.
  • The ability to invent a fictional culture/world from the ground up.
  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to interact with team members of different disciplines.
  • Good positive attitude and outlook, self-motivated, and a great team-player.


  • Help define the look of fantastic, never before seen sci-fi and fantasy worlds from the inside out.
  • Create visually stunning environments and set pieces for AAA Sci-Fi/Fantasy game properties.
  • Create marketing illustrations for projects in-development.
  • Produce lighting keys for matt painters and level lighting artists that provides clear direction for the player with cinematic flair.
  • Create production illustrations for internal IP development and in-game narrative sequences.
  • Collaborate with the Leads, Directors and Level Designers to define playable games spaces that look SPECTACULAR.
  • Work closely with level designers providing loose iterative sketches on their developing gameplay ideas as related to environments and key set pieces.
  • Produce great work on time.
  • Provide and receive feedback at a professional level
  • Support the creative goals of the project, the studio and the Directors.
  • Maintain workflows that blend seamlessly with the pipelines established by the team.
  • Make the game better at every opportunity

Preferred Skills

  • Significant contributions to at least 1 AAA shipped game
  • Familiarity with id Software games, characters, brands and universes
  • Proficiency with modeling tools (Max, Maya, LightWave, Modo or other similar) or understanding of modeling process.
  • University or equivalent art-related degree

What to Expect

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