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Game Designer - Economy

Division: Bethesda Game Studios - Montreal | Department: | Location: Montreal, CA

The Game Designer - Economy requiring a mix of economy and game design knowledge with passion for free to play game design.



  • Defining the virtual products and their in-game statistics with the development team, and understanding how each of them contributes to the game dynamics
  • Identifying the potential sale drivers for the different product categories in the game economy, defining the key points of exposure for those drivers.
  • Balancing the needs for those virtual products, their relation, life cycle, and their streams of availability.
  • Regularly provide user feedback and stat tuning to development team based on play-testing, both during game development and post-release.
  • Analyze the evolution of the metrics you defined to spot both monetization bottlenecks and facilitators, then report suggestions for the game design or strategy accordingly.
  • Help with design of gameplay features and ensure that they fit well within the economy eco system of the game.



  • Strong analytical and formal thinking, able to break problems down in their key variables and identify the relations between them.
  • Strong econometrics skills, able to model problems into quantitative systems, and draw qualitative conclusions out of quantitative data.
  • Statistic knowledge, able to formulate ratios and indexes specific to each game, identifying specific weaknesses and strengths in its economy design.
  • Understanding of client/server architecture and data collecting pipeline and mining


  • Strong sensitivity to game play and game design
  • Graduate degree in Game Design Economics or Game Design
  • Previous experience in econometrics / data mining
  • Unity 3D knowledge
  • Advance knowledge of Microsoft Excel
  • Previous experience as game designer, social designer 

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